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Real Estate Broker Association Eastern Seaboard (REBA-ES)

REBA-ES Becoming a Member

How to become a REBA-ES Member

1. Contact the current participant to act as a sponsor.

The sponsor will present the candidate at the monthly meeting of the association as a member and will assist the candidate in the process of joining the association.

2. Contact the secretary and ask for a new participant, an application form for training and an exam.

3. The applicant, director and/or legal entity must fill out and submit forms confirming documents and membership fees.

4. Is the applicant, director and/or legal entity invited to represent their company at a meeting and interview with associations? Governance.

5. The candidate, director and/or lawyer or an authorized lawyer, must complete the training and receive the Certificate of Excellence of the Real Estate Training School in Thailand and the Reba exam in Thailand.

6. After passing the Reba Thailand exam, the official status of the participant will be confirmed.

For further details on Becoming a REBA-ES Member, please contact us using the below form.

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