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Real Estate Broker Association Eastern Seaboard (REBA-ES)

It?s about time! That?s what many people said back in May 2006 about the creation of the Thai real East Coast Real Estate Brokers Association.

Just a few months earlier, we had met with several leading real estate agents and had the opportunity to discuss our common interests in working to create a more professional real estate industry on the east coast.

About six months later we contacted Khun Paisan bandityanond (rabbit resort) and he asked if he could help the east coast agencies set up a local real estate group to improve their skills.

Khun Paisan bandityanond, currently the honorary chairman (and mentor) of Reba eastern seaboard, has extensive experience in the real estate industry in the United States and was the original founder of the real estate brokers association of Thailand in Bangkok.

As was obvious to everyone from the beginning, joining the real estate brokers association of Thailand was what they thought was best for real estate professionals throughout the region. They then decided to contact some of the more reputable agencies to join each other for a brainstorming session to find out what might be of common interest to real estate professionals.

Ten (10) leading local real estate companies attended the first REBA Eastern Seaboard meeting and, to everyone's surprise, they were all eager to support each other as a local real estate service organization. Everyone was excited about the possibility of actually working together to make their east coast real estate industry safer and more professional, and eight (8) of these initial companies were formed as charter members? East Coast Real Estate Brokers Association.

East Coast Association of Realtors?the first task was to translate the code of ethics and the rules and regulations of the Association of realtors in the field of real estate into English, and then analyze them with the help of a subcommittee created by them.... The end result was that they unanimously agreed that the code of ethics and rules and regulations are very good, very positive and that Eastern seaboard group wants to comply with them in order to promote best practices in real estate in our regions.
It was then decided that in order to promote good and organized real estate practices, the East Coast Association of Realtors would have to engage real estate agents and brokers with appropriate training and testing, which the group began implementing through the "Education and Qualifications Subcommittee." The band?the purpose of S was to start searching and identifying... reputable real estate agencies and individuals through scheduled seminars, trainings and exams.

The next step in the organizational process was to enable the East Coast Association of Realtors to avoid disputes and unacceptable real estate practices by establishing an effective and efficient dispute resolution process. Did the group organize ?The Subcommittee on Professional Standards has its own Dispute Resolution Board, which will allow local members to successfully bypass most of all disputes and resolve those that arise in our business community.

Having done an incredible amount of work, the group decided that it was time to get closer to Thailand?The Association of Realtors to discuss the interests of the East Coast Group supports the goals and policies of Reba Thailand.

Khun Paisan bandityanond then contacted the President of the Real Estate Brokers Association (Dr. Somsak) and arranged a meeting to which Reba invited three local Thai real estate professionals and three local foreign real estate professionals to attend the meeting.

The results of this meeting exceeded the expectations of local groups. On behalf of Reba, Dr. Somsak and his board offered eastern seaboard group everything they had hoped for. At the end of the meeting, the East Coast contingent received the following responsibilities from the East Coast Realtors Association of Thailand:

1. Preliminary review of Reba membership candidates.

2. Monitoring and control of Reba members on the East coast.

3. Settlement of conflicts arising between Reba members on the East coast.

4. Receive complaints from customers, employees, developers and agents.

5. Investigate and investigate any violations of Reba member rules and regulations or the Code of Ethics and report these violations directly to Reba?To the Management for further analysis and action.

Everything they hoped for! The East Coast Real Estate Brokers Association Group is currently on its way to creating the first organization in the East Coast real estate market?.and is it right to serve the real estate industry, which has grown more than tenfold??in less than three years!

It was on Wednesday, May 10, 2006, when the REBA eastern seaboard group held its first meeting. Three Reba es sub-committees have been set up and countless hours of work have led to the creation of a very cohesive and mutually supportive group of real estate professionals. Examinations, training and seminars of the association of Realtors in real estate have already started in our region.

Yes, a local group of real estate agents completed basic real estate training covering the transfer of ownership of land, buildings and dwellings, as well as the rules and regulations of proper real estate brokerage in early November 2006, and a further seventeen (17) local real estate agents passed the brokerage exam in the last week of November 2006 to become associate members of REBA from our east coast region.

REBA eastern seaboard group now has all the necessary documentation to officially invite new members of the real estate agency to its ranks, and in the near future additional examinations and training of the Association of Realtors in our region are already planned.

In less than six months, east coast real estate brokers association has three active subcommittees ........The ten members of the agency and their approximately 30 + agents, as well as the members of Reba es, foresee that when they open the doors to new members, their group will certainly start to grow, because they now firmly believe that they have the right basis to present and disseminate the benefits of the real estate brokers association to the east coast real estate community.

The availability of trained and dedicated real estate professionals will undoubtedly benefit many property owners, buyers and renters throughout the Greater East Coast region.

Reba ES has two ?like what? membership, which means regular?Lawyer? Members (agency / broker) and associate members (agents / brokers).

The current President of REBA-ES

May Watson, on behalf of REBA-ES addresses the guests at the Lighthouse Club Annual Christmas Gala 2010, Centara Grand Mirage Hotel, 17 December 2010.

May is the current President of REBA-ES who were joint corporate sponsors of this worthwhile charity event.

Real Estate Broker Association of Thailand

The Association of Real Estate Brokers was formed as a result of the merger of Twenty (20) companies and real estate brokers under the name Real estate agency club of Thailand. The club was founded on November 3, 1992 by Khun Paysan Bandityanond, Managing Director of Real Estate pros Co. Ltd.

Khun Paisan Bandityanond headed the initial organization with a board of seven (7) members, and on December 22, 1993, the Real Estate Agencies Club of Thailand changed its name and officially registered as the Real Estate Brokers Association of Thailand with Khun Paisan Bandityanond as the founder and president of the charter. He served as president until 1997.

Are you following Khun Paisan Bundityanond? The pioneer leader was the following Association of Presidents of Realtors of Thailand:

1998 to 2001 Khun Thirapan Nateekanchanalab, Managing Director of U.K. Consulting Co., Ltd.

From 2002 to 2003 Khun Pairoj Sukjan, Managing Director of Bowathong Property Co., Ltd.

From 2004 to 2007 Dr. Somsak Muneepeerakul, Managing Director of Forbest Properties Co.,Ltd.

Khun Paisan Bundityanond

Founder and Charter President REBA Thailand
Founder and Honorary Chairman REBA Eastern Seaboard

Designation and Certification

- Certified Commercial Investment Members (CCIM # 2602) Realtors Marketing Institute, U.S.A.

- Higher Education in Psychology in Management Psychology in Management Institute

Past Experience

- Marketing and Sales Consultant in Residential and Commercial Real Estate Development in U.S.A and Thailand for over 25 years

- Real Estate Market Study and Research Consultant

- Founding President, Real Estate Broker Association-Thailand

- Committee Member on Banking and Finance Committee, House of Parliament

- Guest Lecturer, Graduate Programs of Chulalongkorn and Thammasart Universities

Current Positions

- Managing Director, Cat Properties Co., Ltd. (Formerly Real Estate Pros)

- Managing Director, Rabbit Resort, a Boutique Resort in Pattaya, Voted # 1 in Pattaya, Thailand and Asia By Trip Advisors

- Executive Director, Siam Heritage, a Boutique Hotel in Bangkok

- Economic and Social Commentator, Talk Show Host For FM 106.60 MHz, Pattaya

Contact Address

Cat Properties 111/80-81 Moo 10 South Pattaya Road, Nongprue, Banglamoong, Chonburi 20150, Thailand
Tel. Office : 038-723-030 to 38 Mobile: 089-811-8463
E-mail :

Dr. Somsak Muneepeerakul
President of Real Estate Broker Association of Thailand
Dr. Somsak munepirakul has been elected president of the Association of real estate brokers in Thailand for a second term (2 years) since 2005. Its main task is to maintain the integrity of brokerage firms and agents throughout Thailand. In addition, he represents the association of real estate brokers in Thailand on government-related issues, in order to raise the standards of Thai real estate brokers.

Dr. Somsak munepirakul is also the president of Forbes properties co. Ltd, which was founded in 1990 by him and his wife Mallika munepirakul. Their company was founded at a time when there were very few brokerage firms of this kind in Thailand. Starting from a few employees, they now employ more than 30 employees.

REBA (Real Estate Brokers Association of Thailand) has joined forces with the NAR (National Association of Realtors) of the USA to help each other in sharing knowledge, strategy and local practices that should facilitate international transactions that are becoming commonplace in the modern real estate business.

Contact Information

Forbest Properties Co.,Ltd. 387/1 Soi Suanplu South Sathorn Road, 10120 Sathorn, Bangkok

Telephone Office: (66) 2 287-4568
Fax Office: (66) 2 287-3854

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